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Debbie Leveski, M.A.

Owner, the Virtual Office of Debbie Leveski, LLC

In November, 2007, after spending three decades working in corporate America, Debbie Leveski took advantage of the American dream and opened her own business, the Virtual Office of Debbie Leveski, LLC.

For the past seven years, in various aspects of their businesses she has assisted two organizational psychologists/executive coaches, a geriatric nurse, a CPA, an attorney and author, an entertainer for children, a chief executive officer of a public relations firm, a president of a public relations firm, a virtual assistant and numerous top level executives and small business owners.

In addition, Leveski is a freelance writer for the Oakland Press, the Downriver Profile Magazine and she has written press releases for small businesses such as a fashion boutique, an Ethiopian restaurant and an author.

Her expertise includes:

Eighteen plus years of diversified experience in office administration: assisting and working for a chairman of the board, a chief executive officer, numerous presidents and top level executives. Extensive experience in handling all administrative, executive and operational duties to include: accounting; developing: newsletters, presentations and websites; networking; statistical analysis and writing, etc.

Eighteen plus years of experience in writing of all sorts: bios, contracts, letters, manuals, newsletters, presentations, press releases, preview stories, website content, etc.

Eighteen plus years of experience in counseling, interviewing and training adults in the areas of: education, financial aid, financial products, interviewing, office administration, sales, software and various products and services.

Eighteen plus years of experience in sales spanning three service industries: educational, financial and staffing.

Eleven years of experience in recruiting: six years in a technical college and five years in staffing services.

Five years of experience in: management and supervision.

Years of experience in volunteer organizations serving on: committees and boards and holding various positions including President.

Having had the opportunity to work for Fortune 500 Companies, the Government, Non-Profits and Small Businesses Debbie Leveski has the experience to help you run your business; or simply get the job done right! She will help you take a project from start to finish!

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